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Skill of commonly used interpreter
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Two kinds of languages are in English-Chinese syntax, vocabulary, rhetorical wait for a respect to all be put in the difference with very big move, because this is undertaking inevitable meeting encounters a lot of difficulty when interpret of English-Chinese each other, need has certain interpreter skill coach. Commonly used interpreter skill has the law that add interpret, law that save interpret, changeover way, tear open syntax, amalgamative law, law of pregnant of the interpret law, law that turn over interpret, convert law, bag, insertion, recombine law and synthesis to wait. These skill not only can apply at written translation in, also can apply in oral interpretation process, and should use more adroitly, because the characteristic of oral interpretation job decided dragoman,undertake reflection without more time.

The 1 law that add interpret: The thinking means that shows according to English-Chinese two kinds of languages differ, language is used to and express kind, add when the interpreter a few words, short sentence or sentence, so that convey a sense that textual place includes well and truly. Most of this kind of means is used in Chinese interpret mile. Chinese does not have main clause more, and English sentence should have subject commonly, when translating Chinese not to have main clause so, besides minority usable English does not have main clause, passive voice or "ThereBe... " structure will translate beyond, should fill according to words condition commonly a subject, make a sentence complete. Two kinds of languages are in English-Chinese very big difference also exists on the use method of noun, pronoun, conjunction, preposition and article. Use frequency of the pronoun in English is taller, the organ of every respecting person and Gui Mou's person all or when the thing that concerns with someone, owner pronoun must be added in front. Accordingly, supplementary owner pronoun needs when Han Yiying, and need a basis again when Ying Yihan circumstance appropriately cutout is decreased. The logistic relation of English word and word, phrase and phrase and sentence and sentence uses conjunction to express commonly, and Chinese often expresses this kind of concern through context and word order. Accordingly, often need supplementary conjunction when Han Yiying. English sentence cannot leave preposition and article. Additional, notice even when Han Yiying a few more supplementary textual in the term that imply and does not have professed term and sex of a few generality, annotate, in order to ensure of translation meaning complete. Anyhow, through adding interpret, it is those who assure translation grammar structure is complete, 2 be those who assure translation meaning is clear. Be like:
(1) What About Calling Him Right Away?
Make a telephone call to him immediately, do you feel how? (the subject that add interpret and predicate)
(2) If Only I Could See The Realization Of The Four Modernizations.
It is good to if I can see 4 modernizations come true,should have many! (the main clause that add interpret)
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