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Not " false big sky " the language translates Cheng Yingwen
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Have a gentleman of nonlocal netizen aperture, often ask me the question with very flavour of a few officials, for instance " tree great ambition, establish lofty ideal " how to say with English, "Work energetically, hardworking " how to say with English, etc. Just began, I did not think more, I told him. Later once, he asks me similar question again, I am a bit curious, then I ask aperture the gentleman incidentally, you want the English translated text of these phrase, what does the plan do to use? Aperture gentleman says, he is the English interpreter of TV station of an other place, this have English program of 20 minutes every week, basically introduce local news, accordingly he (work in the same place with additionally one) this inattentivegeneral idea that Zhou Chong wants news translates need general into English.

I continue to ask, for instance " tree great ambition, establish lofty ideal " and " work energetically, hardworking " these two phrase, what is their Chinese former word, how are you translated? Aperture gentleman tells me, chinese former word and English translation are as follows:

Builder people express, must cultivate great ambition, establish lofty ideal, work energetically, hardworking 300 days, strive to be in this year the end of the year, the construction job of the freeway that finish.

The Building Workers Said That They Must Work Diligently And Painstakingly, with Great Ambition And Lofty Aspiration, for 300 Days, in Order To Complete The Construction Task Of The Expressway Within This Year.

After I look, feel the problem is very serious, I tell aperture sincerely the sir then, similar " tree great ambition, establish lofty ideal, work energetically, hardworking " such phrase, belong to a model " false big sky " language, look seem very ablaze, content is very actually empty, without any connotation, it is the government-owned word on official circles purely. Your English program basically sees to foreign friend, in the foreign country, do not have this kind of language commonly, if you plant this " false big sky " the language also translates Cheng Yingwen, after foreign friend listens, can feel very exaggerative, very very comical, funny, its can be the figure that affected China only as a result.

According to my experience, if have in the article " false big sky " when the language, must replace with the other words and phrases that accords with Hesperian habit, than as above face this word, if let my interpreter, I can translate into:

The Builders Vowed That They Will Do Their Best To Complete The Expressway Within This Year.

Metaphrase: Builder people pledge, must go all lengths, this highway builds inside year.

After I explain so, aperture gentleman expresses to realise the seriousness of this problem, express to will notice henceforth. Candid nevertheless ground is told, because domestic English education emphasizes for a long time so called " translation is faithful " , a lot of friends that learn English, already nurturance " one word one interpret " bad mistake, want to solve this problem really, it is not easy that I look.
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