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A little " of a kind English " problem
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In the card in front, the) of card of dragon of gold of English brand Gold Dragon(that mentions bicycle of a kind of children, I just say it is faulty on culture level, I did not say it has solecism. In fact, if we take no account of culture element, so this name can be used completely, without any problems. I feel true to need those who take seriously to cause, it is current home exists extensively " of a kind English " problem.

Alleged " of a kind English " problem, that is to say is current the English that home appears on a lot of communal circumstances, have apparent solecism (include accidence mistake and syntax mistake) , after foreign friend sees, can feel very of a kind, very comical. It is with Beijing exemple, 2000 around, beijing subway company was installed in a lot of subway stations Sino-British and bilingual contrasting demonstrative card, there are a towards the left or rightward arrowhead normally above, it is from the back " before move back and forth promotes the door " , " head for found a state the door " wait for a character. Do not know this company invited which ace, "Head for " one word becomes To without interpret, however interpret became For, for example For Fuxingmen, For Jianguomen. Because have passengers of a lot of China and foreign countries to point out this is apparently wrong, this company must pull down these demonstrative cards, made new demonstrative card afresh. Mere because of an English word, create so big waste, the lesson is deep.

Similar case, be in Beijing still is very common. For instance a few days ago I go founding a state outside the door diplomatic mission area handles affairs, see roadside has a small shop accidentally, english name is) of Synthesis Store(integrated shop. After seeing this name, my yell. Everybody knows, what Synthesis expresses logic to go up normally is integrated, it is an abstract concept, with our Chinese " integrated shop " medium integrated, it is two completely different meanings, I estimate this tag, it is merchant is used likely " PowerWord " the Chinese-English translation software of and so on does (laugh at) . Plant to this actually small shop, there is in English accurate, the word Grocery of forthright, if use this word, talk of that on the spot is much.

Besides solecism, still have a common problem, it is translation too long-winded. It is for instance near Beijing airport, have bureau of quarantine of an import and export merchandise, a friend translates this orgnaization into Beijing Import And Export Commodities Quarantine Bureau. Of course, such interpreters, there is a fault on grammar, but too long-winded, in 7 words, the word that has substantial sense truly has) of quarantine of a Quarantine(only. The name of this orgnaization, if let my interpreter, want two words Beijing Quarantine only can, crisp, straightaway, and the orgnaization that accords with Euramerican country names a habit.

Recently " Beijing evening paper " on have a news, say Beijing government has noticed " of a kind English " the problem effect to Beijing figure, the decision is in 2008 before the Olympic Games, ask English expert to undertake checkup to the English content on high street, correct the content that has solecism in time come over, I think this is very be necessary.
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