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The interpreter of vocabulary of commonly used finance
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Acquiring Company buys debt of Debt To Equity of clarity of property right of Clearly-established Ownership of flow meter of cash of Chart Of Cash Flow of bad debt of company Bad Loan to turn an exchange rate of Exchange-rate Regime of burgeoning economy of Emerging Economies of economy of dimensions of Economy Of Scale of diversity of equity of Diversity Of Equities mechanism Fund And Financing raises fund Global Integration of system of banking of whole world of financing Global Financial Architecture, unifinication of Globality whole world, globalization Go Public appears on the market Growth Spurt (of economy) Hedge Against of millionaire of rapid growth Have One's "two Commas" is covered period housing of the Housing Mortgage that keep a cost mortgages Holdings to accuse, 所持股份 holding company 控股公司 initial offerings 原始股 initial public offerings 首次公募 innovative business 创新企业 intellectual capital 智力资本 inter-bank lending 拆借 internet customer 网上客户 investment payoff period 投资回收期 joint-stock 参股 mall rat 爱逛商店的年轻人 means of production 生产要素 (the)medical cost social pool for major diseases 大病医疗费用社会统筹 mergers and acquisitions 并购 mobile-phone banking 移动电话银行业 moods 人气 net potato 网虫 non-store seling 直销 offering 新股 online-banking 网上银行业 online-finance 在线金融 online client (银行的)网上客户 paper profit 帐面收益 physical assets 有形资产 project fund system 项目资本金制度 pyramid sale 传销 recapitalize 资产重组 regional corrency blocks 地区货币集团 regulate 调控 sell off 变现 share(stock) option 期权, the Take of commerce of pass on of growth momentum Switch Trade with the productivity driving Strong Growth with unused Spare Capacity of Jew of Slash Prices of card of intelligence of Smart Card of authority of stock offer to buy... Public appears on the market Tap The Idle Assets dish Transaction of the vivid asset that put an amount (of the bank) trade move of finance of Transfer Payment From The Exchequer pays Virtual Bank of Venture-capital venture capital electron of fictitious bank Wire Transfer transfer accounts

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