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Associated press: Ben Ladeng content of speech of 19 days of tape (interpreter e
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In report occupied new network on January 20 associated press report, undermentioned be " base " constituent head Ben Ladeng the full text in 19 days of tape. Content of part of this one canned has been broadcasted by peninsula TV station, this TV station publishs full text on its website, this is the full text after associated press will pull the Arabic recording that ascend to translate.

Pull ascend look be like is publishing an address to American people:

The gist that I speak this is Iraqi war and Afghan war, and how to end these two wars. I do not want to talk about these things actually, because these problems had had verdict. We can use force of armed strength antagonism only, thank Allah, our state already better and better, and your state however as it happens is contrary.

But I or the presidential Bush that want to talk about you show in the civilian attune that comments on you great majority people hopes to a few mistakes that commit repeat when Iraq of U.S. Army evacuate as a result. He (Bush) did not comply with your apiration, still say to remove army the information that will issue a mistake to the enemy and had better be in " they (pull the epigone that ascend) fight on land and not be in us (American) the assault on land " .

Be aimed at Bush's mistake, I can say Yi Zhan only and do not have assuasive evidence, the war of Afghan churchyard also escalates in the direction that is helpful for us forward, thank Allah. The data of the Pentagon shows, your soldier be killed in battle and the number that get hurt are increasing, this still does not calculate massive financial capacity loss, of angry to soldier of battlefield Staff Sergeant negative effect and soldier suicide number increase. So you can be envisaged, landmine walks in the companion when a soldier he collects them to be experienced by the meeting when scamper gets ulterly changed remains after be killed in battle what kind of heart inflicts heavy losses on.

After encountering such scene, the soldier often can face two hard choices. He perhaps rejects to leave barback to patrol, be jumped over battle butcher accordingly (U.S. Army) cruel punishment, or he also steps on landmine to be died by scamper. This makes the soldier can be in the pressure in the heart, fear and abasement under, and his country however to (occurrent thing) care naught for. The soldier can commit suicide only without other option. This information provides wallop very much to you, his soul, blood and anguish write down this. Settlement way is on your hand, premise is you care them really () of arms of the taxi on those battlefield.

Meanwhile, the information that the message of the fighter of brotherly emperor battle that concerns us and the Pentagon release publicly is not same. They (holy battle fighter) the report of message and media reflected the true condition on battlefield. Make the information generation that people releases to the White House deeper distrustful fact is, the message that the White House answers to war correspondent hair has charge. The file shows recently, the biggest free butcher on the world (Bush) the headquarters that ever decided bomb peninsula TV station is located in Qatar, the agency that the Bush before this has given orders to be located in Kabul and Bagdad to this TV station undertakes bomb.
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