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Informal discussion literature translates necessary reference book
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Of gentleman of chapter gram mark " the interpreter is difficult " one article, speak of among them " in the Great Cultural Revolution, I all collecting books, all is destroyed, piece armour does not stay, I translate uses reference book, have and so on of a lot of dictionaries, dictionary, reference book, encyclopedia, the job encounters a problem, can examine, get settlement. The person's knowledge is finite, it is good that the interpreter does not leave dictionary and all sorts of reference book, these were done not have, be forced stop doing sth. Of the difficulty that so I am very clear interpreter " . To this I have the same feeling greatly, it is better to do literature to translate this work to need a lot of reference books to assist ability really the ground is finished. With respect to the experience that with me interpret Ying Meiwen learns work, besides deploy English-Chinese, French-Chinese, De Hanhe as far as possible besides a variety of bilingual dictionaries such as Russian Chinese, the following kinds of reference book also are indispensable. " big dictionary of English of Xin Wei international " (the 3rd edition) (Webster's Third NewInternational Dictionary) . Some wests writer is fond of the vocabulary that uses deserted archaic and abstruse, if Russia descendantses,husband of division of rich of American writer accept is a among them. Bulien Boyide writes recently " Nabokefu is passed " in close one Zhang Na sits on sofa to examine this huge dictionary photograph, undoubted he is to choosing the vocabulary in fitting him mental view. His work is not interpret have this 10 come jin of heavy big dictionary cannot. This the 3rd edition is more special, chief editor Philip Babukaoke · Dr. Ge Fu breaks free from conventions, before was being collected as far as possible two edition do not close and recently large quantities of popular vocabularies, after be being published at the beginning of 60 time, ever was compiled by the dictionary with a few more conservative thoughts of the home demote, and its test through time is very actually applicable to the reader however. I had favour to spent 50 money 1964 (at that time my 2/3 monthly pay) bought a photo-offset copy, 80 time removed the novel of interpret accept family name to go up with respect to true style use.
My experience is the vocabulary that always does not check on other dictionary, 10 have nine to be able to be collected in this find in all ready dictionary.
" Oxford quotation big dictionary " (The Oxford Dictionary Of Quotation) . Western writer often is in work quote is classical the statement of master and did not explain source, translator has to use this thesaurus. For example, I am not Christian, although had been read " Bible " , cannot remember every stem from where however. Close interpret is encountered when a book " A Pillar Of A Cloud " and " A Pillar Of Fire " these two phrase, feeling to resemble is out " Bible " , consult this dictionary, it is to appear in as expected " the Old Testament " " give Egypt to write down " the 13rd chapter the 21st mix 22: "Daytime Jehovah leads their way in Yun Zhu, nightly in the illumination in igneous column they, make they can walk day and night. Daytime cloud column, nightly fire column, always do not leave common people before. " can add a note in translation so, as clear as day. If be in,interpret sees when another book have " Canst Thou Notminister To A Mind Diseas'd... " this one sentence, not dare rushed with respect to interpret, via checking the reference of this dictionary " Minister " column, it is Sha old man so " Maikebai " the 5th act a paragraph of the 5th spoken parts in an opera of the Maikebai in field: "You cannot make a diagnosis and give treatment the sort of clammy psychology... " , noticed to cite then Zhu Shenghao's translation, beardless again retranslate. The drama that is like old man of Sha of my be familiar with it seems that is made, retain source, conveniently weigh in hand comes like, actually my where has Mr Qian Zhongshu's extraordinary in that way memory, do not be in charge of you to consult what literary quotation or name according to hearing sentence provenance, money gentleman can inform you on the spot to which book which one chapter is searched, be sure to find. I, it is complete those who rely on the dictionary side like this treasury is busy.
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