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Name of classical English song is translated adorably
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All Out Of Love and love are isolated from
"Be isolated from " those who use is good:  of over sixty years of age of ⑼ of Ge of tooth of  of over sixty years of age as kind of sweet grass

Careless Whisper is inadvertently sharp wordsWhisper should be murmurous originally, the interpreter is " sharp words " state the word is temporarily the kill with quicker than the head tongue

Password of Flora's Secret everythings on earthThe song of Enya, it is the sound of sounds of nature really. Flora original idea is beautiful god

Greatest Love Of All comes love
Also the interpreter becomes: The greatest love, with " to love " fine

Phone of I Just Called To Say I Love You appeals to inner feeling
Clever, translate directly even if: "I just want to say in the phone I love you " , do not have poetic flavour quite

I'd Love You To Want Me I wish you want me
Also can translate into: "I think you want me " , also the interpreter becomes: "I want you to love me " , such means turns it into I'd Want You To Love Me, want and Love exchange, the head fainted in can expressing a be passionately in love more

Specific of love of Just Like A Pill
Pink (Gong Fenjia's person) sing, "Love " did not appear in the title, nevertheless libretto says love, add " specially good effect " can convey strength more, clever

Love song of Killing Me Softly With His Song confuses a the dead
Clever, ah, of tender, gent kill me, "Love song " use well

Love of Love Is Blue is blue
Also the interpreter becomes: "Blue love " , I feel better, love is being decorated for article from which is bit better than melancholy with blue, the colour of love the expression that is not love

More Than I Can Say loves you to leave hard in the pit of the stomach
Clever, more not bad than original meaning, such name lets a person listen to remember, chinese sings the leopard boy band that is Singapore, not famous, I also had listened to the Chinese of this song only, song name cries " I love you to leave hard in the pit of the stomach "

My heart of My Heart Will Go On is lasting
Hong Kong and Taiwan translates into: "Love is not had stop " , bad, here does not have occurrence love word. "My heart is lasting " it is mainland interpreter
I love profusion of Paint My Love
Band of Michael Learns To Rock sings, the interpreter becomes: "I loves coloured drawing or pattern " , the surface looks to just say " draw my love " , there is inside libretto nevertheless, "Since You Came Into My Life, the Day Before All Fade To Black An White " , "Since the life that you come to to me, the day becomes previously black and white " . So song name " I loves coloured drawing or pattern " have stated reason. Do not cross me or feel " I love profusion " more beautiful

Pretty Boy high grade boy
Original idea: "Beautiful boy " , " lovely boy " , the interpreter is become " high grade boy " better, because good so dusk thinks Caichaosai
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