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Chinese difficult word is translated
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Arrange by order of letter of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet
AA makes Dutch Treatment; Go Dutch
AIDS (acquired character immunity is short of caustic to be asked for integratedly) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
é of Elys of the Elysee Palace E Palace
How to reside project Housing Project For Low-income Families
Press GNP At Factor Cost of total value of economy of countryman of calculative of cost essential factor
Mortgage loan Mortgage Loan
S Performance of ′ of Distribution According To One of distribution according to work
Dark love Unrequited Love; Fall In Love With Someone Secretly
Dark deficient Hidden Loss
Macao is big 3 cling to memorial archway Ruins Of St. Paul
Abstruse Mu truth teachs Japanese Aum Doomsday Cult

Paris Bourse of Parisian stock exchange
Hold overall situation Grasp The Overall Situation
Prince Charming of white horse prince
White prices expresses White Sheet
White agriculture White Agriculture (also Called "white Engineering Agriculture"; ItRefers To Microbiological Agriculture And Biological Cell Agriculture. Refers To Microbiological Agriculture And Biological Cell Agriculture..
Build up from nothing Starting From Scratch
White an IOU Note, IOU: The pronunciation skeletonize transferred meaning of Owe You of 蒊 of  of scar of  of  Sui ⒄ and Snow White of Lai Baixue's princess
Put on airs Put On Airs
Place a fair amount of confidence Put On Airs; Show Off; Keep Up Appearances
Do obeisance to sworn brothers Sworn Brothers
Greeting Pay New Year Call
Remove a Relocated Families
Half child project Uncompleted Project
Baseball moves reporter Scribe
Draw near big money (Of A Girl) Find A Sugar Daddy; Be A Mistress For A Rich Man; Lean On AMoneybags
Be responsible for a task unit until it is completed a Work Contracted To Households
Overall Rationing System; Scheme Of Payment Partly In Kind And Partly In of a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cashCash
Contractor wraps makings Contract For Labor And Materials
Maintain the Maintain A Good Momentum Of Growth In The National Economy of good the look of things that national economy grows
Keep state-owned a Keep The State-held Shares
Health food Health-care Food
Protect manage business Factoring Business
Protective Tariffs of protection custom duty
The Low-tax of free tax zone, tariff-free Zone; Bonded Area
Assure key defray Ensure Funding For Priority Areas
Protect value deposit Inflation-proof Bank Savings
Dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland the S Project of ′ of executive Implementation Of Dedicator of the plan
Boreal Europe invests bank Nordic Investment Bank
Book worship Bookishness
" detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " Compendium Of Materia Medica
Homer Circuit Clout, four-master, round Trip
This life year One ′ S Year Of Birth Considered In Relation To The 12 Terrestrial
Go straight towards comparatively well-off Strive For A Relatively Comfortable Life
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