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The Chinese interpret of English adage
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The Chinese interpret of English adage

Have two about same the interpret exemple of an English adage Blood Is Thicker Than Water. It is firstly " clear water is not thick blood is thick however " , it is secondly " blood is thick at water " . Look from literal, interpret of afore-mentioned two interpret exemple are gotten admittedly pretty good, be like give no cause for more criticism. Translation is read rise very suitable, understand more easily again, but the feeling that has not know what is said is like after reading. Because the figure of translation fails to communicate the Yu Yi that gives this adage well and truly to come,this is.
Longman Dictionary Of English Id Ioms (P.28) going up is The Relationship Between People Of The Same Family Is Stronger Than Other Relationships to this proverbial explanation " accordingly, this adage is like a common saying in can using Chinese " close not close family " come interpret can be conveyed more piece " the family that belongs to same kin is a few closer than others " the implied meaning.
The language is the expressional form of culture. Adage is the elite of the language like literary work, poetry together. English adage is to abound colorific language form, have dramatic image, Yu Yiming to show commonly, abound the language feature of philosophic theory. On certain level, english adage mirrorred the culture characteristic of English nation. Accordingly, when translating English adage, mere with the language between lexical synonymy (equal in value sex) for premise, seeking quits show is insufficient. Translator beard is more the expressional method that uses Chinese, do one's best can the language color of emersion English adage and rich connotation. Notice the place is peculiar language connotation colour beyond English adage literal more only, ability makes translation allegorical proper, appropriate at argue, do not break the language figure that proverbial before place has again.
It is consistent that certain English adage and Chinese idiom, common saying is behaving form and meaning side or agree basically. Chinese interpret when these English, use regrettablly as identical as its Yu Yi or the idiom of close or adage and common saying are direct to interpret. Such not only the romantic charm that can keep very textual quite and form, make translation is accepted for reader or auditor easily again. Be like:
Pride Comes Before A Fall. Arrogant arms is defeated surely.
A Miss Is As Good As A Mile, poor an iota, break in.
Two Is Company, but Three Is None. Two bonze carry water eats, 3 bonze anhydrous eats.
Walls Have Ears. Beware of eavesdroppers.
Enough Is As Good As A Feast. Chang Le of content with one's lot.
Although some English adage is in the language is used to and is certain difference between culture setting respect and its opposite Chinese adage, and compares thing is different, but their Yu Yi mutual however be identical, and expressive pattern is very similar also, chinese interpret when these English are proverbial, often need " easy its form, keep its mind " , use the Chinese idiom free translation with similar figure namely. Can make so translation already analogy justice is apparent, be contained again and do not show, and but the language effect that textual place has emersion, easy express the idea. Be like:
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