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Foreign trade is common English acronym
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Foreign trade is common English acronym

1C&F(cost&freight) cost increases freight price

2T/T(telegraphic Transfer) telegraphic transfer money

3D/P of D/P(document Against Payment)

4D/A of D/A (document Against Acceptance)

5C.O (certificate Of Origin) is general card of country of origin

6G.S.P. (Pu Hui of Generalized System Of Preferences) is made

7CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons) paper box

8PCE/PCS(piece/pieces) , , raise etc

9DL/DLS(dollar/dollars) dollar

10DOZ/DZ(dozen) a dozen

11PKG(package) a packet, a bunch, plunge into, one waits

12WT(weight) weight

13G.W. (Gross Weight) gross weight

14N.W. (Net Weight) is suttle

15Customs declaration of C/D (customs Declaration)

16EA(each) every, each

17W (with) is had

18 W/o(without) is done not have

19FAC(facsimile) fax

20IMP(import) entrance

21EXP (Export) exit

22MAX (maximum) is the biggest, of utmost

23MIN (minimum) is the smallest, lowermost limit

24M or MED (medium) are medium, intermediate

25M/V (Merchant Vessel) merchantman

26S.S(steamship) boat carries

27MT or M/T(metric Ton) metric ton

28DOC (document) file, receipt

29INT (of International) international

30Container load plan of P/L (packing List) , list

31INV (invoice) bill

32PCT (percent) per cent

33REF (Reference) reference, check price

34EMS (express of Express Mail Special) is delivered

35STL. (Style) style, design, type

36T or LTX or TX(telex) telex

37RMB (Renminbi) RMB

38S/M (mark of Shipping Marks) lading

39PR or PRC(price) price

40PUR (purchase) is bought, buy goods

41S/C (Sales Contract) sales confirmation

42L/C (L/C of Letter Of Credit)

43B/L (bill of lading of Bill Of Lading)

44FOB (FOB of Free On Board)

45CIF (Cost, insurance&freight) cost, insurance increases freight price


CR=credit credit side, creditor

DR=debt lends credit

(attention: The Debt Card that abroad often says, it is bank card, credit Card is credit card. Here shows bank and financial company say, your bank gets stuck, it is you join Qian Fang the bank, the bank is " lend credit " , call Debt card so. Get stuck with Credit, it is you from the bank or finance company lends money, bank or company are " credit side " , place calls Credit. )

Exp=Expense expenditure, charge

O/H=overhead commonly used expenditure

TC=total Cost total cost

Charge of FC=fixed Cost standing

VC=variable Cost fluctuant charge

P=profit unexpectedly profit

S=sales sells amount

Rev=revenue profit

Difference of MC=marginal Cost cost
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