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Interpreter skill (Chinese-English economy term)
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Chinese-English economy term is chosen


The Insurance Industry

Assure key defray

Ensure Funding For Priority Areas

Reissue the annuities that default

Clear Up Pension Payments In Arrears

Bad loan

Non, Performing Loan

Layer upon layer subcontract is protected with illegal cent

Multi-level Contracting And Illegal Subcontracting

Agency of urban and rural credit

Credit Cooperative In Both Urban And Rural Areas

Life of town dweller lowest is ensured

A Minimum Standard Of Living For City Residents

System of insurance of town worker medical treatment

The System Of Medical Insurance For Urban Workers

Export credit

Export Credit

Loan quality

Loan Quality

5 class classify loan quality method

The Five-category Assets Classification For Bank Loans

Be on guard and dissolve financial venture

Take Precautions Against And Reduce Financial Risks

Project of prevent or control flood

Flood-prevention Project

Illegal foreign currency trades

Illegal Foreign Exchange Transaction

Blame commerce closes collect

Foreign Exchange Earnings Through Non Trade Channels

Be not bank finance orgnaization

Non-bank Financial Institutions

Cost changes tax

Transform Administrative Fees Into Taxes

Dog audit

Follow-up Auditing

System of project inspect manage

The Monitoring System For Projects

State-owned asset is safe
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