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Commonly used English sentence type
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Commonly used a type     1. Its Up To You. (decide by you. )
2. I Envy [is envied] You. (I envy you. )
3. How Can I Get In Touch With You?
4. Where Can I Wash My Hands? (where is closet excuse me? )
5. Whats The Weather Like Today? (enrage every day today how? )
6. Face of Where Are You Headed [... directional advancing] ? (where should you go? )
7. I Wasnt Born Yesterday. (I am not 3 years old of children. )
8. ] of pastime of What Do You Do For Relaxation[, recreation? (what pastime do you become? )
9. It ' S A Small World. (the world is really small! )
10. It ' S My Treat[entertains guests, xenial] This Time. (this I entertain guests! )
11. The Sooner The Better. (had jumped over more quickly. )
12. When Is The Most Convenient [is convenient; Convenience] Time For You?
13. Take Your Time. (come slowly / not anxious. )
14. Im Mad About Bruce Lee. (I confuse dead Li Xiaolong. )
Im Crazy[is infatuate; Of enthusiastic hobby] About Rock Music. (I am very infatuate to rock-and-roll. )
15. How Do I Address You? (I how appellation you? )
16. What Was Your Name Again? (say the name is good again please? )
17. Does Would You Care For[like] A Cop Of Coffee? (want by coffee? )
18. She Turns Me Off. (she makes me cheesed. )
19. So Far So Good. (at present till, everything is good. )
20. It Drives[is press; Force] Me Crazy. (it holds force mad. )
21. She Never Showed Up[is attended; Appear] . (she did not appear all the time. )
22. Thats Not Like Him. (the style that does not seem him then. )
23. I Couldnt Get Through. (the phone is hit be illogical. )
24. I Got Sick And Tired Of Hotels. (I am fed up with hotel. )
25. Be My Guest. (do as you wish, fasten polite)
26. Can You Keep An Eye On My Bag? (help me look to had been wrapped? )
27. Lets Keep In Touch. (let us maintain connection. )
28. Lets Call It A Day[decides or agree temporary or permanent stop (have something) ] .
29. I Couldnt Help[avoids; Prevent] It. (I do not have method. )
30. Happening of Somethings Come Up[/ occurrence] . (thing having a place / had an accident)
31. Point of Lets Get To The Point[/ core problem] . (let us talk about a point. )
32. Keep That In Mind. (learn that thing. )
33. That Was A Close Call. (too dangerous / an imminent peril)
34. Ill Be Looking Forward To It. (my general expects this one day. )
35. Chances Are Slim[is vague; Tiny] . (the chance is very little. )
36. Far From It. (not at all. )
37. I ' M Behind In My Work. (my work schedule is backward. )
38. The issue with troublesome Its A Pain In The Neck[(person) ] . (that is a troublesome issue really)
39. Were In The Same Boat. (our in the same boat. )
40. My Mouth Is Watering. (I am in dribble. )
41. What Do You Recommend? (what do you recommend? )
42. I Ache All Over. (I all over ache. )
43. I Have A Runny Nose. (I am snorty. )
44. Its Out Of The Question. (this is impossible. )
45. Do You Have Any Openings? (are you available be short of? )
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