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Guangzhou Li Saika Er pauses hotel
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Li Saika Er pauses hotel company brief introduction:
The legend of Ritz-Carlton begins at famous restaurant boss CESAR RITZ, he by Edward 7 worlds praise the restaurant boss ’ that is kingly service for the kingly ’ of ‘ hotel industry and ‘ . Below the management of CESAR RITZ, ritz-Carlton opened business 1910 in the United States, august 1983, ritz-Carlton company holds water formally. So far, the whole world already had 66 Ritz-Carlton public house. In future inside 3 years, will hotel of much home Ritz-Carlton opens business in China. Ritz-Carlton company was mixed 1992 unprecedented ground had the honor to win the award of American nation quality that long for day and night for two times 1999. ‘ of Ritz-Carlton company with a view to is become worldwide inside of costly experience principal ’ of the person that offer. Our credo made clear a company to be opposite in-house guest (employee) the acceptance with exterior guest, our employee commitment provided reference standard and guidance to create active working environment. It will remind us to want to fulfil same commitment with the guest to our gent and fair maidens ceaselessly.

Guangzhou Fu Lili thinks of Kaerdu hotel project included 351 guest room and boarding house of type of 90 high-quality services, group building part is space of hotel meal recreation. Of the hotel to lie between Guangzhou new museum and look at Pearl River, northwest side is the ground mark that will come to Guangzhou, many meters 400 tall Gemini tower. Building design explained classical scale with contemporary gimmick, when be full of, acting feeling does not break the elegant style that Li Saika Er pauses again.

Li Saika Er pauses since the hotel is founded from 19 centuries, all the time comply with is worn classical style, become what house, high official stays to choose a hotel surely.

Our maxim: We are gent fair maidens with the manner of gent fair maiden loyal service.

The Ritz-Carlton Company Introduction:

The Legacy Of The Ritz-Carlton Begins With The Celebrated Hotelier Cesar Ritz, referred To 'as The King Of Hoteliers And Hotelier Of Kings' By King Edward VII. Beginning In 1910, the Ritz-Carlton Hotels Were Established In The United States Under The Supervision Of Cesar Ritz. In August 1983, the History Of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, l.L.C. Begins, and It Begins With A Simple Dream. . .to Create The Finest Hotel Company In The World. The Company Won The Coveted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award An Unprecedented Two Times, in 1992 And Again In 1999. Now We Have 66 Ritz-Carlton Hotels All Over The World. Our Vision Is 'To Be The Premier Worldwide Provider Of Luxury Experiences' . Our Credo Express The Company's Commitment To Both Internal(employees) And External Guest. The Employee Promise Continues To Provide Us With Parameters And Consistent Direction When Creating Our Own Work Environment. It Is A Constant Reminder That Our Company Makes The Same Commitment To Our Ladies And Gentlemen As It Does To Our Guest.
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