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English of invite applications for a job keeps a hand
From;    Author:Stand originally
Sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Area: Other county -
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted monthly pay limits: The face is discussed
English of part-time job of invite applications for a job keeps a hand, advanced English writes a writer
Acting friend invite applications for a job holds two or more posts concurrently as follows personnel:
(1) the person that English composes:
Requirement: English 6 class above, written writing capability is strong, the English that has had paper and relevant research implied meaning composes experience; Interest is wide, can write the article of many respects, best the English expression that can know some of finance side.
Pay: According to the quality of the article and pay of word number accord, general 50 yuan / 1000 words (general every 500 words) (the likelihood in your computer is put have a lot of English implied meanings, as long as without publishing, can earn probably on this extra income)

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