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Chongqing is telling interpreter limited company
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Estate category: Interpreter sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Area: Jin Ning - Jincheng
Label: Interpreter
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted monthly pay limits: The face is discussed
Each respectable client you are good, chongqing is connecting translation firm to wish to provide excellent translation service sincerely for you! ! ! 1. Chongqing is connecting translation firm to establish by the college teacher that has experience of 16 years of interpreters, has translated domain includes: Literature, advertisement conduct propaganda, mechanical, car plane, building, contract, paper, medicine, colliery, project, resume, chemical, electric equipment product, masked article, manpower resource, physiology sanitation, website, physics is wireless communication, certificate, religion, environment, municipal, patent, economy. 2. Our company offer the English-Chinese of all sorts of subject matter and Chinese-English translation, include the translation of each website. The price becomes Chinese for English interpret interpret of Chinese of; of 110 yuan of every 1000 Chinese characters becomes English 130 yuan of every 1000 Chinese characters. The client can send the relevant character that 200 words control to let us try interpret first. If satisfaction cooperates again. Zhttrans.blog.bokee.net 3 of industry gain guest. Our company are long-term each language part-time job translates invite applications for a job, the welcome has annals to join in at translating each personage of the career our company, you can reach resume hair my company in mailbox, also can go up in company website or firm gain guest an article that you are good at searchs in translating test column the interpreter is late to me in company mailbox. You can log onto my company through Baidu search (Chongqing is telling interpreter company) website or understanding of rich guest Zhttrans.blog.bokee.net concern a situation.
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