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Oral interpretation of each language part-time job
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Professional category: Interpreter sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Area: Pan Long -
Label: Interpreter
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted monthly pay limits: The face is discussed
Dragoman of each district mouth asks an attention! ! Edition of ” of China of travel of interpret of “ of net of Chinese online interpreter piece be about to roll out, this edition piece offer a data to reveal platform for each city dragoman, offer inquiry to translate demand unit to find this locality dragoman effectively. Past China is online before the member that invite sincerely each language oral interpretation Http://www.chinafanyi.com/blog/freetra_reg.asp” of library of name of dragoman of freedom of interpreter net “ registers detailed information, for your interpreter business opens efficient channel, more opportunity receives interpreter job! Net of Chinese online interpreter popularizes exert oneself, let you show itself in the interpreter industry that belongs to a city! Online connection method: Www.chinafanyi.com
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