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The model enjoys power (written translation of English of Hobbytoy.cn) invite ap
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Professional category: Interpreter sexual distinction: Do not be restricted number of invite applications for a job: 2 people
Area: Pan Long -
Label: Translate English interpreter
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted monthly pay limits: The face is discussed
The model enjoys power (written translation of English of Hobbytoy.cn) invite applications for a job edits (different ground holds two or more posts concurrently)

Workplace: Different ground holds two or more posts concurrently
We use stretch working hours, do not ask to be translated everyday. But should make sure the website has new implied meaning to release everyday.

Working content: Interpreter model, the news of the toy and comment, add translation in the website. Every article is by many pieces picture and a few simple introductions are comprised, 100-120 of every months of interpreter or so.
Interpreter content is referenced (translate the introduction that concerns with the product only)Http://www.sideshowtoy.com/ ? Page_id=4489&sku=6389Http://www.sideshowtoy.com/ ? Page_id=4489&sku=8941Http://www.sideshowtoy.com/ ? Page_id=4489&sku=9120Http://www.sideshowtoy.com/ ? P=4678Http://www.vinylpulse.com/2008/05/nvc-and-tyson-s.htmlHttp://www.vinylpulse.com/2008/02/huck-gees-hand.html#more

Number of invite applications for a job: 2- 3 people

Pay pay: Probation of before 3 months 500. After 3 months, use base salary to add the form that distributes: 500 base salary 50% channel advertisement is expended (if you have self-confidence, can oneself decide advertisement charge and promote advertisement) . Remittance arrive assign Zhang number (recommend action travel) .

Position requirement: English 6 class or major 4 class above, be familiar with the drama of movie and TV of foreign popularity, have enough online time, conscientious, the person that familiar model hand does a toy is preferential.

Contact means: The friend that have fun at, the resume that sends you please arrives Hobbytoy@gmail.com, any doubt also can send mail to enquire to here location.

Object of invite applications for a job: Mix in student of outside school phylum like movie and TV to use the friend that overflow, be familiar with a model, the hand does, toy person preferential!

Invite applications for a job is effective time: 2008.9.1 to 2008.10.1

Remarks: After hoping the friend that apply for passes the try out of a few months, can become our partner. We can offer an opportunity to make the day-to-day operation that you participate in website project medium, abound your working experience, more the positive result that yields you to share operation. So, besides the quality that has demand of written translation job, we hope you still have deep love for movie and TV to move free, have aspirant travel heart, be willing hard to learn the person of new knowledge. Here, what you grow is faster, acquisition get one's own back is more!
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