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The principle that trade Chinese-English translates is explored
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1.Bring theory
Take big strides of alive bound economy marchs toward the times of 21 centuries, activity of international business affairs is increasingly frequent. A lot of domains of these trade activities, be like, transfer of technology, foreign trade, capital attraction, external the service contracts travel of as safe as finance of contract, international, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, international, overseas investment, international is carried etc, uses English be called by a joint name is trade English (Business English) . It already made the indispensable language communication tool in world economy activity. Can say trade English is controlling international communication, international communication cannot leave trade English. According to statistic, whole world in the 1.6 billion crowd that is the first language, the 2nd language or foreign language with English almost the person of 90% is in everyday with trade English contact with, the application of visible trade English is very wide.

As China and world other country commerce communicates the trade Chinese-English interpreter of ligament and bridge, the contradiction of demand and requirement is more outstanding in recent years. The domain of international communication of China and collaboration expands ceaselessly, the task of interpret of trade Chinese-English each other is various with each passing day, your translator of all trades and professions has too many visitors or business to deal with. Had not contacted business affairs English, also lack the translator of foreign trade professional knowledge, be afraid will issue a Chinese interpret to become hard correct and specializationed business affairs English: The value of dollar of regulation of “ this contract is opposite by the dollar that views Bank of China paying day to announce the rate of the average business exchange rate of franc of German mark, France will decide. ”This Chinese is professional strong, if not be familiar with the expressive law that contract of business affairs English pays, translator begin to write or paint of certain have no way, only ” of regulation of “ this contract, “ discusses Fu Ri ” and “ dollar to be opposite to the “ in German mark ” ” word, can make its expend setbacks quite. Go up a few expression of an English translation perhaps are met beyond your expect, look please: The Value Of US Dollars Under This Contract Is Determined By The Ratio Of The Mean Buying And Selling Rates Of US Dollars Against Deutsche Marks And French Francs Published By The Bank Of China On The Date Of Negotiation.

Do not understand contract of business affairs English to pay expressive translator perhaps cannot think of to use this contract of “ of interpret of Under This Contract to set ” , the “ in German mark ” should use Against to ” word and cannot thinking of “ dollar is right more is not To absolutely. Fact of this one interpreter explained business affairs translates the job to count translator English level not only, and still need to have knowledge of international business affairs.
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