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ASEAN countries anguage translation in the "bridgehead for the increasingly tigh
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English translation of the original development of the business we have only a few years ago several ASEAN countries, the recruitment of part-time language translation, it seems, the ASEAN countries to identify more multilingual talents. "Kunming any person in charge of translation Ruanjing Ping exhibition companies, said China and ASEAN countries with the exchanges and cooperation, more and more translators increasingly tight.

Old from Yunnan Nationalities University Translation Taowen Juan told reporters that the ASEAN nations, languages college graduates could be "popular", such as the last of the old language classes, a class of 24 students before they graduate they have all been "employed" a distributed in large state-owned enterprises, radio, translation companies and local foreign affairs departments.

To strengthen cooperation with neighboring countries, Kunming, Yunnan Province in 2009 also requires 50 years of age for civil servants to learn Vietnamese, Burman, Lao language in daily communication. Kunming relevant responsible person said, in recent years, Yunnan Province, Kunming and the surrounding region each year in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the demand for minority language translators with more than 600. Among them, the Vietnamese, Lao, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, the biggest demand for Cambodian and other.

January 1, 2010, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area officially launched as the world's most populous free trade zone. This means that between Yunnan and ASEAN countries, trade and personnel exchanges will be more frequent, and eliminate language barriers to become an important prerequisite.

Yunnan Province is located in the southwest border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam border, near Thailand. Currently, the Kunming to Bangkok, Hanoi, Vietnam, Myanmar Mandalay, Myitkyina and other road segment have been entirely within the grade of. Efforts of all parties along the line, these connections between Yunnan and ASEAN countries access international accessibility conditions are further improved.

Ruanjing Ping said that with the development of international channels and China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the start, Yunnan and Southeast Asian countries need a lot of translators. The company undertake the task of translation is more class translation project contracting, international exchanges and conferences, information and books translation, the next step may also be extended to the tourism and service industries to go.

According to reports, at present, in addition some translation companies, Yunnan University, Yunnan Nationalities University and other institutions, Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, Foreign Affairs Office and other government departments also have a group of experienced professional translators. In Yunnan, the ASEAN countries, language translation than the English translation of the average charges also slightly higher.

20-year-old boy from Laos in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, accounting for Wang Mengla Vocational High School to learn Chinese. Wang usually like to play the guitar accounted for, said: "I want to study in universities in China. Because it exchanges a few years a lot of Laos and China, Laos needs Chinese people, understand the Chinese in Laos Haozhaogongzuo Similarly, if the results are good enough, I also hope that as a veteran in Yunnan Translation