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Troy is tall, oral interpretation certificate suffers gradually low age person c
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"Have certificate of advanced oral interpretation to be able to find a yearly salary easily 100 thousand yuan job! " between one night, advanced oral interpretation sweeps across Shanghai to go up in, because percent of pass is low, contain Troy tall, certificate of advanced oral interpretation makes two hot letter on textual research market in. Not only a few undergraduates that are faced with obtain employment inspect his a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that apply for, a few students that Shang Zaizhong learns to study also look focusing hereat. In referenced main forces, appeared even the student of junior high school.

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Oral interpretation examinee gradually low age change

The data shows, in the examinee that attends oral interpretation exam, 70 % are in school student, 15 % are the youth of firm job, additionally 15 % are the job a certain number of year person. However, the reporter goes up in Shanghai however a few famous groom more and more puerile face see in the classroom of class of school oral interpretation, general it is a few high high school students that Shang Zaizhong learns to be read. The average class that a 50 people control has student of a few high school, and among them with second year in high school, tall the student of 3 is in the majority. The reporter grooms eastward anew the school understands, ceng Youyi name is read at going up outside the 2 grade at the beginning of attached middle school, student that has 14 years old only comes round to sign up class of intermediate oral interpretation. His spoken language is skilled, once had played English game for many times, feel oneself have actual strength to be challenged " Gao Shuiping " exam.

In each campuses of new east, the country decides road headquarters and Wu Donglu branch to more high school gives birth to student, read generally at a few famous high school. Rich vocabulary, perfect spoken language expression, wide knowledge range, make they become the person that be the same as the outstanding in age person, even excel a few undergraduates. Of Shanghai middle school make a classmate be being read tall 3, because achievement is outstanding,already was recommended some key college, at present he is in civilian read intermediate oral interpretation into school of self-improvement attend in a advanced studies. He tells a reporter, taking an examination of oral interpretation is to prove his ability on one hand, on the other hand, because the pressure of obtain employment is greater and greater,also be, take the advantage of available now will contain the oral interpretation diploma with higher Troy to take an examination of come out, apply for a job later meeting more be sure. Attend a reason:

Oral interpretation certificate contains Troy tall

Percent of pass is low, contain Troy tall, oral interpretation certificate more and more get the praise highly of people. "Oral interpretation exam is not professional exam, it asks to have listen, say, read, write, the integrated ability that break up, with the whole nation interpreter take an examination ofing has again different. " Qiu Zheng of assistant group leader of teaching and research group of new Oriental oral interpretation politics the teacher call it " professional sex takes an exam " . The English major student that joins oral interpretation exam truly is not much, people thinks of to take this piece of certificate, more ground is to be working to apply for a job to add chip, and the to oral interpretation certificate attention on the market and heat are held in both hands also let a few people will regard the shortcut that wins high pay job as. The age that checks a certificate is smaller, make undoubtedly certificate more add luster. This also was to bring about the citizen that includes a high school student inside to take this piece of certificate seriously have the reason that add. Play a proposal:
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