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The interpreter of information age is academic: Not interpret dies
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One, not interpret dies

The interpreter is the key that understands between international, allegedly, the civilization of Western Europe is attributed to translator (according to L.G. Carey, 1979) , the progress of visible society cannot leave an interpreter. In prospective world, perhaps a culture a group of things with common features group live or die to depend on the seasonable and accurate interpreter of a word, accordingly, somebody exclamations " not interpret dies " (Translate Or Die. ) . (Engle And Engle 1985:2(Engle And Engle 1985:2

But the seriousness of this problem is public place understanding rarely usually, cause problem of disorder of the strike, order, law or fatal accident when the failure of intercourse only, it is a war even sometimes, the public just tries to notice. 1970, a few American had a kind of poisonous worry, do not know to use what method cure, several have two people death in day. An apothecary heard the radiobroadcast story to this matter, he knows to method of a kind of treatment ever got successfully applying 1959, and 1963 fair all at the world. Why after the thing lies between 7 years, doesn't American doctor know actually? Estimation is all sorts of language magazines that are published in European mainland merely as a result of the report that treats a method on magazine of English of and rather than. (according to D.A.E. Xie Pode, 1973) this example specification does not have seasonable, correct translation to will cause huge harm to the country.

The Chinese nation should stand firm at world nation forest must know the world, let the world understand his at the same time. Want to let compatriots understand the world to need to change foreign language message into Chinese, want to let the world understand his to need to change Chinese message into foreign language. As the interpreter worker should have strong mission feeling, sufficient play is translated in the bridge action of information communication respect, assure the success of information communication.

2, the culture globalization influence to the interpreter

The new-style electron news report that digital revolution brings makes we enter a new era, people will promote the culture with rich and varied development each other, fruitful collaboration has on common global problem, world culture will move toward globalization. Can saying culture globalization is the mankind different culture group includes each other absorb, understand the process of self-identity each other, culture obstacle also spans to cause huge to go to the lavatory to the interpreter in the meantime. We discussed an interpreter in the past medium culture difference question is more, andre Lefevere says to be amounted to according to Nai " dynamic reciprocity " academic, "Always unfamiliar, different, or ' of others ' answer nationalization enters language and interpret to go into language culture to interpret, in order to make interpret can understand immediately into language reader. " (Whatever Is Strange, different, or "other" Has To Benaturalized Into The Target Language And Culture, so That It Is Immediately Understandable. " foreign language and interpreter " 1996, 3) whether should we change a perspective now, the interpreter's purpose is to promote people to understand and be absorbed to different culture, is not nationalization of will foreign culture. Culture globalization is not plant with some culture unifies the world, culture of avery kind of should can include the world, is not to include dozen of the world. I think to explain sexual interpreter will be the tweak that solves this problem, it can save the uniqueness of source language culture already, can let interpret understand foreign culture into language reader again, thereby the mutual understanding between promotional and different culture group. We are opposite impossibly of course all literate the interpreter that the term of connotation uses explanatory sex, but the uniqueness that preserves source language culture as far as possible, the effort that promoting the understanding between different culture group is interpreter worker direction.
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