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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (4)
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1979One Loses By Pride And Gains By Modesty. Enrol caustic completely, modest is benefited.
1980One Thing I Know, that Is, know Nothing. Have a thing I am very clear that, it is my ignorance
1981Problems Can Best Be Tackled By Experts. All things is afraid of a connoisseur.
1982It's Hard Sailing When There Is No Wind. Calm sails hard boat.
1983Keep Your Mouth Shut And Your Eyes Open. Look to be told less more.
1984Fools Never Know When They Are Well Off. Fool always does not tell good fortune in blessing personally.
1985Fall Not Out With A Friend For A Trifle. Do not be bagatelle and friend brawl.
1986God Made The Country; Man Made The Town. God created rural area, the mankind made town.
1987He Who Has An Art Has Everywhere A Part. Craft is in hand, walk along the world to be able to paper a mouth.
1988He Who Questions Nothing Learns Nothing. Do not suspect to what also learn to be less than with respect to what.
1989Be Slow To Promise And Quick To Perform. Promise appropriate delay, fulfill appropriate fast.
1990Better An Egg Today Than A Hen Tomorrow. Today an egg, surpass tomorrow a chicken.
1991He That Promises Too Much Means Nothing. Promise is equal to too much 0.
1992Grasp The Nettle And It Won't Sting You. Bold catch bramble, bramble does not prick a hand. / you are not afraid of difficulty, difficulty is afraid of you.
1993Hardship Disposes Man To Meet Adversity. Tough life makes the person can face adverse circumstance.
1994You Cannot Burn The Candle At Both Ends. The candle cannot bicephalous dot.
1995The Worst Wheel Of The Cart Creaks Most. The poorest wheel Zhi is the biggest.
1996While The Grass Grows The Horse Starves. When grass grows, the horse is already starved to death. / far water does not save close fire.
1997Wisdom Is More To Be Envied Than Riches. Knowledge makes a person envy more than fortune.
1998Who Chatters To You Will Chatter Of You. To the person that you discuss person dispute, be sure to discuss your dispute to the person.
1999What Is Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well. If a thing is worth to do, be worth to had been done.
2000What The Heart Thinks The Tongue Speaks. Words are the voice of the mind.
2001Wealth Is The Test Of A Man's Character. Fortune is the touchstone of pair of one individual character and morals.
2002Among The Blind The One-eye Man Is King. In country of a blind person, alone eye lord.
2003An Eye For An Eye, a Tooth For (a) Tooth. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
2004A Great Dowry Is A Bed Full Of Brambles. Of houseful dotal be just as full bed bramble.
2005A Growing Youth Has A Wolf In His Belly. Young boy, have a meal wolf elephantine hunger.
2006A Bonny Bride Is Soon Buskit [=dressed] . Beautiful bride is good dress up.
2007A Single Spark Can Start A Prairie Fire. The fire of star, can set the prairie ablaze
2008Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge. The action is beautiful fruit of knowledge.
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