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The semmetry of the English that admire analyse is beautiful
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One, phrasal semmetry is beautiful: Expression arranges the symmetrical beauty of formally for idiom, a few kinds of circumstances such as the semmetry of the semmetry that can divide the semmetry that is same word, semmetry of the * that be the same as a word, antonym, congener word.
1, the semmetry of same word. It is with preposition, conjunction or verb " symmetrical axis " symmetrical, can give a person the enjoyment with the United States from the vision, make a person cheerful; Read rise able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud, have lasting appeal quite; The sense is concise and clear, image is dramatic. A few semmetry that concern posture language among them are phrasal, can let a person comprehend symmetrical beauty to be reflected mediumly in English really.
For example:
Day By Day is day-to-day
Day After Day is daily
One by one of One By One
Little ground of Bit By Bit
Little By Little gradually
Progressively ground of Step By Step
By And By gradually
Side By Side side by side
Face (nose) To Face (nose) face-to-face
Back To Back carries back of a chair on the back
Hand In Hand hand in hand
Arm In Arm pulls a hand
Mouth-to-mouth of Mouth To Mouth
Lay one's heart bare of Heart To Heart, confabulate
Neck And Neck keeps abreast of
Approve of of Eye To Eye
Whisper to each other of Head To Head
Shoulder To Shoulder side-by-side
On And On continues
Word For Word chases word ground
Out And Out is dye-in-the-wood
Bit by bit of Inch By Inch
Like For Like a tooth for a tooth
Things of one kind come together of Like Attracts Like
The structure with complex Wheels Within Wheels
Meet one's match in a contest of Diamond Cut Diamond
2. With the semmetry of word * . It is with conjunction And " symmetrical axis " blame is completely symmetrical, be in the majority with adjectival * phrase. Pass two or the jackknife of many adjectives comes the feature of aggrandizement adjective. For example:
One And Only is unique
Down And Out is out at the elbows
Free And Easy is amiable
Hard And Fast is unalterable
On the up-and-up of Open And Above Board
Simple And Easy is simple and easy and clear
Hot And Bothered is excited, anxious
Cheer And Bright is clear about palpability
Bright And Early one big early
Pure And Simple is dye-in-the-wood
3. The semmetry of antonym. It is with conjunction And or Or to antonym " symmetrical axis " , can be a noun is symmetrical, also can be adverb or verb is symmetrical. If an activity blows no matter,rain to want as usual to undertake, in Chinese? Quot; regardless of the weather " , in
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